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Quarters, Halves & Wholes

Our bulk packaged beef products are designed to keep your freezer full of  restaurant quality grass fed beef.
All you have to do is choose between one of these three options:


Small Family Option

The Quarter : Suits an everyday family who loves to know that what they are eating is natural and good for you – steaks, sausages and lean mince, not to mention roasts and casseroles
(will easily fit into a standard Tucker box freezer).

Between 55kgs and 70kg dressed weight @ $12.00/kg – $660 to $840 (if a quarter weighs more than 70kg dressed weight we will give you the extra for FREE).

For the Growing Family

The Half  : The same as a quarter but twice as much to enjoy. Ensures you get more of those prime cuts together with the everyday favourites (you will need a chest freezer or upright freezer to fit all this great produce).

Between 110kgs and 140kg dressed weight @ $12.00/kg – $1320 to $1680 (if a half weighs more than 140kg dressed weight we will give you the extra for FREE).


For the Extended Family

The Whole: You are serious about your beef AND you know it. If you order The Whole you can determine exactly how the cuts are prepared.  Also a great idea if you have family and friends that you want to share with (a 250L+ chest freezer or upright freezer is a must).

Between 220kgs and 280kg dressed weight @ $12.00/kg – $2640 to $3360 (if a whole weighs more than 280kg dressed weight then, you guessed it, the extra is FREE).

Things to Remember

Grass Fed

Organically Raised

Bought Direct From The Farm

Door Delivery

Prime Cuts

How to Order

The way in which well sell our beef is as a quarter, half or whole. If you order a quarter we cut up the half and share that into two even portions which gives two quarters. This is done to ensure everybody gets a fair share of  the prime cuts which are traditionally in the back quarter.  Providing meat cuts this way also ensures you get all of the cuts listed on the meat sheet (for a quarter) providing a large variety of beef..

Our beef sausages are made completely natural with quality beef, herbs and spices and yes they are included. People that would normally never eat sausages will love these.

So what’s next:

Simply fill out the meat sheet below, email it to and we will do the rest.