Our focus is on providing people with organically raised, grass fed beef of the highest quality from a family that takes pride in the produce they create with love and care. But not only that, this time we’re bringing some new items to the table as well, free range, pastured raised, grain free, chemical and hormone free pigs fed on grass and apples.

We’re excited to produce our fantastic beef for you and can’t wait to see what you’ll think of our new pork range.


Grass fed, dry aged, Angus Beef at an affordable price!


Grain free, pasture raised, free range

about us.

At Oldway Farm we have made it our mission to deliver export quality beef to the plates of everyday Tasmanians at an affordable price. Our cattle roam the hills and flatlands of the West Tamar enjoying quality feed in a natural environment. The cattle are raised from birth to harvest on the West Tamar with no artificial growth stimulants or antibiotics. This ensures that the full flavour of the beef is able to develop naturally over time giving us the best possible restaurant quality beef at home.


As you are dealing directly with the farmer there are significant savings to be made which is in turn passed on to you our valued customer. Come and ask us how you can enjoy all the benefits of real beef the way it was meant to be and save money in the process.